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.Red Light Therapy  treatments are simple and easy. There are also a variety of red light therapy benefits when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

A twenty minute(20) Red Light Therapy treatment works wonders

In short, red light therapy treatments can stimulate the electrons involved in the mitochondria during cellular respiration, and help clear out nitric oxide (NO), which is a harmful roadblock to ATP production which causes inflammation.

 Essentially, Nitric Oxide(NO)  gunks up the cellular system of ATP production, and Red and Near Infrared  light helps prevent and reverse this problem. The photons in red and NIR light excite electrons, which helps break up nitric oxide bonds, so hydrogen ions can move through the process more effectively, resulting in greater levels of ATP energy that power your cells and 

in turn, your  body. 

Red Light Therapy is a trusted and widely-used health modality backed by Science and Research. We all need healthy light to thrive, but most people don’t get enough for optimal function. A Red Light Therapy treatment is easy, with many benefits. It provides the potential for systemic health benefits like :

-Improved cellular function 

-Better sleep

-Muscle Pain recovery

-Improved Mental acuity which is a measure of how well your brain processes 

and responds in the moment


-Skin Health and Beauty: Taking in healthy light is crucial for skin cells, skin health, and beauty

Ready for Red Light therapy?

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What is Red Light Therapy??

Most of us do not realize that we actually need the light of the Sun.  It is that natural light that allows our human body to stay in balance. 

Red light therapy is a simple, non-invasive treatment that delivers red and near-infrared light to a person’s skin and cells.  This is just like the wavelengths of light your body needs from natural sunlight, but without the heat or UV rays that cause sun damage. What is important to note is that, unfortunately, we are not getting enough of what we need because the Sunlight is being blocked by smog and toxins in the air. So, the wavelengths are not as strong as they used to be.

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