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YOU are exhausted and drained!!! Your body aches and is feeling sore. You just want some down time and relief!! You just want to RELAX!! 

Guess what? You are in the right place! You need your RELAXATION XPERT! 


I know how to customize your massage to release and relax your aching, tight, sore muscles that are bothering you!

As you lie on the table under soft, fresh sheets, unwinding music draws you into the moment and takes you to a beach paradise...

where you slowly exhale and say.....


The smell of aromatherapy fills the air. You zoom in and start to hear the gentle water. Massage oil is warmed in your Relaxation Xpert's hands. All of a sudden, in that moment, you begin to drift off and escape! The pain of hard work that leaves you aching, stressed with a throbbing headache and tense, twisted muscles, begin to unfold in your body....

You feel the sheer desire to be


You surely NEED the attention of skilled hands trained in therapeutic massage that go to work on you.

This is the kind of help that will continue to unfold and unwind muscle fibers, leaving the body with room to breathe and relax.

Once your relaxing session gets underway, the problems of life and the world around you begin to fade and take a back seat. All you want to do is focus on being able to escape in the moment!

BUT WAIT...what if that hour massage did more for you than just take

the pressures of the day away?

WHAT IF...that gentle massage helped

you gain energy?

WHAT IF...your blood pressure started to normalize?

WHAT IF.. you felt uplifted and your sleep patterns much slept like a newborn baby through the night?

WHAT IF...your body could bend, flex, turn

and twist much easier?

WHAT IF...your food digestion improved and

your mood did too?

What if this could be your reality??

Here’s the GOOD NEWS!!

This can be your REALITY!!

Evidence is showing that the more you receive therapeutic massage, the more oxygen your body circulates and the better you will feel day to day.

Massage as a healing tool has been around for thousands of years in many countries and cultures.

Touch is a natural, comforting human reaction to pain and stress, and for conveying compassion, calm and support.

Think of the last time you bumped your head or had a sore calf. What did you immediately do?

Yes, you rubbed and massaged it, right?

The same was true of our earliest ancestors.

Healers throughout time and throughout the world have instinctually and independently developed a wide range of therapeutic techniques using touch, now known as massage. 

Most touch modalities are still in use today, and for good reason. We now have scientific proof of the benefits of therapeutic massage - benefits ranging from treating chronic diseases and injuries to alleviating the stress and growing tensions of our modern lifestyles.

Having a massage does more than just relax your body and mind - there are specific physiological and psychological changes which occur, even more so when massage is utilized as a preventive health tool and not an occasion of luxury.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy not only feels good, but it can cure what ails you by helping the body work towards homeostasis, simply known as balance.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy is a perfect elixir for good health, but it can also provide an integration of body, mind and spirit. By producing a meditative state or heightened awareness of living in the present moment, massage can provide emotional and spiritual balance, delivering primary social food and bringing with it true relaxation and peace of mind.

It's undoubtedly a wonderful thing when, as your Massage Therapist, I begin to feel muscles and muscle fibers unwinding and relaxing. That is when you and your stress-tightened muscles feel calm!

YOUR troubles begin to fade away and you come alive with rejuvenation as well as a soft pulse of energy.

But, as your RELAXATION XPERT, I must let you know, this type of "moi medicine" gets much better when it is not seen as a "luxury" and is used as a tool to maintain optimal wellness! 

Becoming an exclusive client with scheduled repeat visits, will allow you to see the change and experience the joy that therapeutic massage therapy provides, but, you will notice a wonderful difference after your first visit. You will notice that your are seeing life from a relaxed perspective because you will unfold, unwind, relax and renew!

The most important benefit......

is your feeling of total elevation which brings on a wealth of WELLNESS!

Body-Mind Medicine Works!

Think of it like this.....


YES!....This is all about YOU...


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